Shannon Singh is best known for her career as a model as well as being a DJ.

As a former glamour model, Shannon has made the transition to being a social media influencer with a large and loyal, ever-growing following.

Shannon embarked upon a brand new journey as she joined the cast ofLove Island  in 2021.

Whilst her Instagram feed is filled with modelling shots, you can also find Shannon playing video games such as Call of Duty on Twitch.

As well as being an avid gamer, Shannon’s hobbies include socialising and going out.



The 23-year-old star is also set to launch her completely unrestrained podcast called ‘Hushed’.

A self-proclaimed ‘party girl’, the model said that Love Island was a ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’ and was looking for the man of her dreams.

Whilst her Love Island journey fell short, her legion of fans on social media continue to grow who all rate her stunning and sexy looks.