Diwali, the festival of lights, is a time of radiant celebrations, where every corner of the world resonates with the joyous spirit of unity, love, and hope.

It’s a moment when homes glow with the warm embrace of countless diyas and the sky dazzles with fireworks.

But what’s Diwali without the rhythm of music and soul-stirring melodies?

In the heart of this grand celebration, Punjabi music finds a special place.

The beats, the lyrics, and the infectious energy of Punjabi songs infuse an extra layer of enthusiasm into Diwali, capturing the essence of the colourful festival.

From foot-tapping beats to soulful ballads, these top Punjabi songs will make any Diwali celebration worthwhile.

‘Char Panj’


‘Char Panj’ is a classic Punjabi song by DJ H and DJ Rags that features the iconic voices of Nirmal Sidhu and Miss Pooja.

The hit can be translated to “four five”, which often refers to a popular traditional Punjabi dance style.

This dance style involves lively movements, and the song’s lyrics and music capture this spirit.

The song typically features a fast-paced beat, traditional dhol drumming, and vibrant instrumentals that create an atmosphere of celebration.

Miss Pooja’s powerful and melodious voice complements the music perfectly, making it a track that’s not only enjoyable to listen to but also dance along with.

‘Madam Ji’


‘Madam Ji’ was released by Indeep Bakshi in 2013 and has been described as an “incredibly underrated song”.

The track is known for its catchy and flirtatious lyrics, with the singer addressing a woman he admires as “Madam Ji”.

The music is captivating and has all the thrills of a night out and light-hearted flirtation.

‘Madam Ji’ is perfect for a Diwali party with friends or loved ones.



‘Surma’ is a 2014 Punjabi song by the versatile Diljit Dosanjh.

Known for his soulful and powerful voice, Dosanjh brings this track to life with his melodious singing.

The word “Surma” translates to a traditional dye that gets put around a man’s eye on social occasions.

And, the song’s lyrics poetically describe the beauty of a loved one’s eyes, usually applied by the wife or the mother of the person.

The music is a blend of traditional Punjabi folk and modern pop, creating a delightful mix.



Gurinder Seagal’s ‘Tequila’ is a groovy Punjabi-English fusion track.

The song’s title refers to the famous Mexican alcoholic beverage, and the lyrics playfully compare the intoxicating effects of tequila to the charms of a beautiful woman.

The song blends Punjabi and Western musical elements, making it a lively cross-cultural experience.

Even though this song is a blast from the past, it hasn’t lost its appeal when looking for a groovy tune.

‘3 Peg’


Sharry Mann’s ‘3 Peg’ is perhaps one of the biggest Punjabi songs in modern times.

The ultimate party track celebrates the joy of having drinks and dancing the night away.

The pulling powers of this track were beautifully described by Sreeti on YouTube, who commented on the music video:

“I’m down with a fever…Lying on my bed and listening to this song.

“Suddenly my feet started tapping to the beat…Now I’ve got more energy than ever. This song is magic.”

‘3 Peg’ is a high-spirited song with an infectious rhythm and lyrics that capture the exuberance of any celebration.

‘High Rated Gabru’


With a staggering 1+ billion YouTube views, Guru Randhawa’s highly acclaimed track ‘High Rated Gabru’ is an anthem that still plays out in Desi houses.

The song is known for its groovy beats and quirky melody.

The lyrics praise the charm and beauty of a girl who’s referred to as a “High Rated Gabru.”

Described as a “masterpiece” and “unforgettable track”, the hit is one of the best Punjabi songs to add to your playlist.

‘Na Ja’


‘Na Ja’ is an incredibly gorgeous song by Pav Dharia.

The track features a blend of traditional Punjabi sounds with modern production.

The lyrics tell the story of a lover who’s hesitant to let go of his beloved. It’s a soulful and melodious composition that resonates with emotions.



This song is a very popular Punjabi track by Guru Randhawa, with over 1 billion YouTube views to its name.

The song is a lively number that makes you want to grab the nearest person and have a dance-off.

The lyrics are a tribute to the beauty of a girl from Lahore and the desire to meet her. With such an avid fan base, a lot of people expressed their feelings towards this track.

Ankara Nom from India said:

“The song captures your heart and all the lovely people of Lahore.”

“I’m from Tamil Nadu and this song is repeated everywhere, even years after its release. Truly amazing.”

‘Lahore’ features Guru Randhawa’s signature blend of Punjabi and modern pop music.

‘So High’


‘So High’ is a Punjabi rap song by Sidhu Moose Wala featuring Byd Byrd.

The song showcases moose wala’s distinctive style and powerful rap delivery.

The lyrics depict the journey from humble beginnings to achieving success and fame, with a “high” symbolising the ultimate aspiration.

The music is characterised by its contemporary rap beats and urban vibes which is perfect when lighting up some fireworks.



‘Begana’ by Ninja is a contemporary Punjabi track that falls under the romantic and heartbreak genre.

The song’s lyrics revolve around the pain of being estranged from a loved one and feeling lost without them.

Ninja’s vocals and the music arrangement evoke a sense of melancholy and longing.

However, the track is still perfect to play on Diwali, especially towards the end of the night when the sense of love and family is heightened.

‘Dance Like’


The 2019 track, ‘Dance Like’ is a collaboration between Punjabi music icons, Harrdy Sandhu and Jaani.

The song exudes a vibrant and groovy feel, inviting listeners to hit the dance floor. Xavier expressed his love for the song on YouTube, saying:

“This song never gets old. No matter how much I listen to it, I never get bored.”

With an energetic beat and Jaani’s compelling lyrics, the song is a celebration of dance, love, and good times.



With over 5 million YouTube views, ‘Peg’ is a lively party anthem featuring Badshah, Jay K, and Amrit Maan.

The song revolves around the idea of enjoying a drink with friends and dancing away.

It’s a high-energy, urban Punjabi track with a catchy chorus and rap verses that make it perfect for the party scene.

‘Jee Karr Daa’


With over 56 million YouTube views, ‘Jee Karr Daa’ is a hit Punjabi song by Harrdy Sandhu.

It’s a catchy, upbeat track that captures the essence of youth and love.

The lyrics convey a sense of longing and passion as the singer expresses his feelings for someone special.

The song is a mix of contemporary Punjabi pop with a fusion of electronic beats, perfect for getting everyone in the mood to celebrate.

‘Sauda Khara Khara’


This song has a star-studded lineup and is a lively anthem that combines the talents of Diljit Dosanjh, Sukhbir, and Dhvani Bhanushali.

Taken from the movie, Good Newwz, which stars Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor Khan, it’s a celebratory piece that’s perfect for weddings and festivities.

Whilst the song is more cinematic, it still possesses the tantalising elements of Punjab.

‘Sauda Khara Khara’ features energetic beats and lyrics that express joy and love during wedding ceremonies.

‘With You’


As one of the biggest Punjabi artists in the world, AP Dhillon’s ‘With You’ may not be a traditional song you think of for Diwali.

However, its loveable lyrics, intimate melodies and soulful harmonies make it perfect to play as families and friends chatter.

It’s also perfect for more romantic Diwali celebrations with your partner.

Manjit Kaur gave his view of this song and why you should play it:

“The sound engineer has done a wonderful job with the sound mixing, keeping a feel of reality romantic touch.

“Soothing voice, beautiful lyrics. Very well-produced music.”

As you gather with loved ones, light the diyas, and exchange sweets, remember the power of music to elevate your Diwali celebrations.

These Punjabi songs are not just a playlist but a journey through tradition, festivity, and the enduring spirit of this occassion.

Let the magic of these songs fill your home, your heart, and your life as you celebrate the festival of lights.