Harrowing footage from 24 Hours in Police Custody shows Dhillon, 36, lying to her son after she was charged with murder.

Sobbing down the phone, the killer says: “I’m still here, I’ve got to sort some stuff out with them. I’m going to be home in the next couple of weeks.”

When asked by her son if she was charged with murder, Dhillon responds: “No, they got that wrong, I’m helping them with it.

“I’m just helping them, that’s not true okay?”

Dhillon was involved in the gruesome plot to drug and rob soul along with three other people.

In February last year, she travelled with Temidayo Awe, 21, to Luton from London after speaking with the dad on social media.

Once there, the trio engaged in sexual activity before Dhillon and Awe knocked him out with “date rape” drug GHB.

When the drug failed to completely sedate Saul, male accomplices Ikram Affia, 31, and cleon brown,

29, were called in to help.

He then stabbed Saul in the thigh – severing his femoral artery – and left him in a pool of blood in the communal entrance to the flat.

In a senseless twist, the Rolex watches turned out to be fake and Saul had no items of value in the flat.

Affia was found later found guilty of murder at Luton Crown Court, while Dhillon, Awe and Brown were convicted of manslaughter.

The four defendants, all from Landon, were further convicted of conspiracy to rob, while Affia was also found guilty of possessing a knife.

He was handed a life sentence with a minimum term of 25 years, while Brown was caged for 11 years.

Dhillon was locked up for ten years and Awe received a seven year sentence.

In a victim personal statement, Saul’s father Colin said that he had watched his son die on CCTV.

He added: “It is the last thing I think about before going to sleep and first thing I think about when I wake up.”