offee with Karan’s eighth season has finally made its debut, bringing forth a slew of revelations.

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone, the dynamic couple, made their inaugural joint appearance on the show, marking the premiere with a bang.

Amidst the revelations, the couple revealed their secret engagement and provided a glimpse into the reactions of Deepika’s family.

Likewise, they provided a never-before-seen video of their special day which shocked viewers.

Here are five captivating insights into Ranveer and Deepika’s lives that were once hidden from the public eye.

The Secret Engagement

5 Interesting revelations by Ranveer & Deepika on 'KWK 8'

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone’s love story began on the set of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film, Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela.

This romance, which started during the film’s production, continued for six years and reached its climax with a fairy-tale wedding in Italy in 2018.

During their appearance on the famous Koffee couch, the couple revealed a closely guarded secret.

Ranveer’s 2015 proposal and their engagement were kept under wraps for an impressive three years.

Over-budget Ring

5 Interesting revelations by Ranveer & Deepika on 'KWK 8'

When questioned about his marriage proposal and the presence of a diamond ring, Ranveer shared the enchanting tale that unfolded in the picturesque Maldives.

Acknowledging that the engagement ring he acquired was initially “beyond his resources”, he emphasised its impressive nature.

He admitted to not seeking Deepika’s parents’ permission at the time, due to his own immaturity.

Describing this dreamy proposal, Ranveer recounted their romantic getaway in the Maldives, where he discreetly carried the ring.

Their adventure took them to a sandbank via a boat ride, placing them in the heart of the sea.

In this intimate setting with only the vast sea as a witness, Ranveer believed it was the perfect moment to propose.

He shared that Deepika was caught off guard and became emotional before saying ‘yes.’

Ranveer’s proposal resembled something out of a fairy tale, leaving our hearts in a beautiful, emotionally charged state.

Family Reaction

5 Interesting revelations by Ranveer & Deepika on 'KWK 8'

In a revelation that infused a dramatic element into their love story, Ranveer disclosed the reaction of Deepika’s family upon learning of their engagement.

He explained that this revelation took place during a dinner in Bangalore with Deepika’s close family friends.

Recounting the moment, Ranveer described the sensation of blood draining from his head as she unexpectedly disclosed the news which was met with complete silence.

Ranveer went on to recall overhearing an intense conversation between Deepika and her mother, in which her mother asked:

“Who is this guy? He proposed for marriage, and you said yes too?”.

He shared that it required effort on his part to earn a place in Deepika’s mother’s heart.

‘Underconfident’ Ranveer?

5 Interesting revelations by Ranveer & Deepika on 'KWK 8'

Ranveer, well-known for his extravagant fashion selections, has experienced a noteworthy shift in his style, and his wife Deepika played a pivotal part in this transformation.

Recalling a valuable piece of advice she offered, Ranveer shared Deepika’s insight in which she said:

“You come off as supremely confident, but you are under-confident.

“You should stop distracting people from who you are with all these flashy clothes.”

The Wedding Video

In an era when newlywed actors often collaborate with music companies and bridalwear designers or sell their wedding videos to streaming platforms, ‘DeepVeer’s’ wedding video was unreleased for five years.

However, what truly resonated with the audience wasn’t just the wedding video itself but Karan Johar’s spontaneous reaction.

His tears, warm embrace, and candid expression of feeling deprived of a meaningful relationship felt like the most genuine moments in the episode.

If this were a form of couple’s therapy, the therapist shedding tears speaks more to his sensitivity and emotional void than it does about the couple’s marriage.

Viewers managed to get a first-hand exclusive into the duo’s wedding day, seeing it like never before.

Ranveer and Deepika’s appearance on Koffee With Karan offered an intimate look into their love story.

The big and sometimes surprising revelations, along with their genuineness and Karan’s emotion kicked off the new season in heartwarming fashion.

If this first episode is anything to go by, the eighth season of Koffee With Karan will be one to remember.