In the exciting world of Bollywood, where movies and fashion come together, the Banarasi saree stands out as a classic and stylish icon.

This special dress, known for its detailed design, is a big hit with Bollywood’s top names.

DESIblitz invites you to explore their closets, showing off how they bring this material to life with their unique flair.

Banarasi sarees are a favourite for many celebrities, worn at everything from big events to personal gatherings, proving that some styles are timeless.

Join us as we uncover the tales and special moments each saree holds, celebrating the charm of Banarasi silk and the amazing women who wear it so well.

Deepika Padukone

10 Bollywood Stars Who Rock Banarasi Sarees - 1Deepika Padukone took to her Instagram handle in December 2023 to share a post and some photos on her story, offering a glimpse of her regal appearance.

The Jawan actress donned a stunning royal blue Banarasi saree adorned with golden prints, which elevated her elegance.

She paired this striking ethnic ensemble with a simple high-neck, full-sleeved blouse, creating a moment of royal fashion.

Deepika Padukone’s regality doesn’t stop there.

The actress enhanced her look with a statement choker necklace embellished with gemstones and matching stud earrings.

Tara Sutaria

10 Bollywood Stars Who Rock Banarasi Sarees - 2Tara Sutaria donned a stunning red Banarasi saree paired with a strapless blouse featuring a deep neckline.

Her accessories, comprising a golden neckpiece, jhumkas, and an intricate maang tikka, were impeccable.

To add a traditional touch to her look, she styled her hair in a neat bun.

Her makeup, consisting of kohl-rimmed eyes, pink blush, and a matte lip colour, perfectly complemented her ethnic outfit.

Tara Sutaria’s ensemble was a perfect blend of traditional elegance and contemporary style, making her stand out as a true icon of modern Indian fashion.

Kriti Sanon

10 Bollywood Stars Who Rock Banarasi Sarees - 3Kriti Sanon, the National Award-winning actress, epitomised elegance in a stunning red Banarasi lehenga designed by style maestro Manish Malhotra.

Complementing this, paired with minimal jewellery and smoky black eyes, Kriti radiated grace and sophistication.

Interestingly, this wasn’t the first time Kriti adorned herself in the timeless allure of Banarasi creations.

In fact, previously, she had opted for exquisite Banarasi sarees, also by Manish Malhotra.

This choice demonstrates her connection to her heritage, symbolising her commitment to preserving the legacy of Indian craftsmanship.

Janhvi Kapoor

10 Bollywood Stars Who Rock Banarasi Sarees - 4To promote her movie Mili, Janhvi Kapoor, daughter of Boney Kapoor and Sridevi, showed off the bright and beautiful colours of Banarasi silk sarees.

At a press event in Hyderabad, the Bollywood star wore a royal blue Banarasi saree.

The saree had detailed gold patterns that made it look stunning.

She matched the saree with a sleeveless top, a bun with flowers, and big earrings to complete her stylish look.

She also wore a bindi, had smoky eye makeup, and kept her makeup light, making her stand out all over the country.

Nora Fatehi

10 Bollywood Stars Who Rock Banarasi Sarees - 5Nora Fatehi exuded ethnic elegance as she graced a Banarasi silk saree, complemented by traditional Indian jewellery and impeccable makeup.

Seamlessly transitioning, the Bollywood star paired an olive green saree with a plum blouse, creating a harmonious colour blend.

Adding allure, she chose golden jhumkas, a bracelet, and rings for a touch of glamour.

Her ensemble perfectly showcased her blend of traditional and contemporary style, making a bold, graceful statement.

Ultimately, Nora’s attire highlighted her impeccable fashion sense and honoured India’s rich textile heritage, showcasing Banarasi silk’s timeless beauty.

Sonam Kapoor

10 Bollywood Stars Who Rock Banarasi Sarees - 6Although not a Banarasi saree, Sonam Kapoor wore a stunning vintage outfit made out of a Banarasi saree.

This ensemble exudes timeless elegance and intricate craftsmanship.

Furthermore, the regal gold weave and surface embroidery reflect traditional artistry, narrating a story of bygone eras with antique techniques.

Upon sharing the pictures on Instagram, Sonam wrote: “Wearing this @jigyam ensemble is what Indian textile dreams are made of!”

Excitedly, she added: “It’s my bffs wedding and this was the perfect chance for me to wear a beautiful outfit that was made from actual vintage old Banarasi saree with real gold weave with all antique techniques of surface embroidery.”

Kangana Ranaut

7 Bollywood Stars Who Rock Banarasi Sarees - 7Kangana Ranaut stunned in a vibrant orange Banarasi silk saree that will leave you speechless with its radiant shine.

She paired it with a matching blouse adorned with intricate embroidery.

The cutwork plunging neckline of the blouse added extra glam to her saree, complemented by lovely jewellery.

The Queen star paired her orange Banarasi silk with Jadau jewelry, including rubies, emeralds, pearls, a bold choker, and jhumkas.

Kangana Ranaut chose soft, glittery eye makeup in nude shades, bold winged liner, blushed cheeks, and nearly nude glossy lips.

As we conclude our Bollywood and Banarasi saree journey, it’s evident this attire is more than just fabric.

Indeed, it’s a legacy, deeply rooted in India’s culture, cherished by Bollywood’s finest.

Remarkably, each saree has a story, a legacy, marking fashion milestones.

Through their choices, these divas highlight Indian craftsmanship’s lasting beauty and elegance.

Looking ahead, let’s continue to watch as they inspire with their Banarasi silk stories, shaping future trends

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