Intimacy in a relationship doesn’t have to be just intercourse. There are various sex acts that Desi people enjoy but cannot be too vocal about.

Whilst things such as fetishes and sex toys are widely acknowledged, certain doings are considered ‘taboo’.

This is more prevalent in South Asian communities. Discussions around sex are still minimal so talking about kinks or sexual acts is a no-go.

Consensual and legal sex is not taboo in itself but society has attached a stigma to deeds such as BDSM, public sex, and anal play. But why?

Everyone has certain tastes and interests, especially when it comes to something as personal as sex.

What one may consider uncomfortable or ‘taboo’ may be much-loved by someone else, and vice versa.

And, South Asian people engage in the wide spectrum of sex just as much as any other community or culture.

So, DESIblitz spoke to some Desi people to hear about the most popular ‘taboo’ sex acts that they enjoy.

One of the most popular sex acts is swinging, otherwise known as “partner-swapping”.

It’s an activity where those in a committed and open relationship have sex with other couples.

Some engage in this type of deed for better quality sex and heightened levels of intimacy between them and their partner.

However one can see why this would be a taboo in Desi communities because sexually entertaining another person, let alone another couple, is almost forbidden.

But, Harvey Singh* from Birmingham told DESIblitz how swinging is healthy:

“Me and my wife have been married for over nine years and only recently got into swinging. We were just curious about it and the first time we went, we felt uncomfortable.

“But there was a level of interest there and over a few weeks, we started to get intimate with other people, as well as each other.

Additionally, public sex doesn’t always have to be intercourse. It can be oral sex, foreplay, or even passionate kissing.

Gurwinder Kaur*, a 23-year-old from Leicester explains why public sex is so enjoyable:

“I love having that chance that you can get caught. In most cases, people won’t see you ’cause you’ll be somewhere public but not entirely exposed.

“I’ve had sex on the stairs at my apartment complex which was amazing. It was 3 am and we weren’t there for hours.

“But in those five or ten minutes, I had about four orgasms. More Asian people need to do it in my opinion.”

It’s important to mention that public sex or anything of that nature should always be done in a safe and legal place. But, it shows how enjoyable it is for Desi people