Aima Baig recently took part in a Q&A session on Instagram, inviting her followers to ask her the most candid questions about any topic.

The session turned out to be one of the most entertaining sessions Aima has done on social media.

She was asked various questions about her favourite actors and her relationship status.

When asked who her favourite actors were, Aima veered towards the world of Hollywood and said she was a fan of Steve Carell, Cameron Diaz and Anne Hathaway.

Aima was then asked what was the last film she watched in the cinema.

She said it was Oppenheimer, adding that she enjoyed the film so much that she wanted to watch it again.

But the most asked question was about her relationship status. A follower asked if Aima was single or if she was dating anyone. She confirmed she was not in a relationship.

One fan cheekily offered to find Aima a partner, to which the singer responded:

“Find me one first. It’s got to be a trade.”

Sharing her words of wisdom, Aima went on to say that there should be no pressure to get married, due to the pressure women face in society.

Asked if she would consider acting, Aima Baig neither confirmed nor denied the possibility, but simply answered the question with a maybe.

The Q&A took a sombre turn when one fan asked Aima what her biggest fear was, to which she replied it was losing her loved ones.