It has been reported that the husband of Raima Islam Shimu has confessed to murdering the Bangladeshi actress.

The Bangladeshi star had been missing for a few days.

Her family became concerned and informed the police.

On January 17, 2022, Raima’s body was found dumped inside a sack near Hazratpur Bridge in Keraniganj, Dhaka.

Police suspected foul play as they discovered a number of injury marks all over her body.

A preliminary investigation believed that Raima was killed somewhere else and her body was dumped near the bridge.

Her husband, Shakhawat Ali Nobel was questioned by police and he later admitted his involvement in his wife’s murder.

Shakhawat’s friend Abdullah Farhad was also arrested for his involvement.

While police are yet to confirm the reason for the murder, it is believed that a family feud led to the killing.

During the investigation, police found that the same string used to tie the sack was found in Shakhawat’s car.

According to reports, Shakhawat strangled his actress wife to death at their home.

He then called his friend Abdullah. At Shakhawat’s home, they conspired to dump Raima’s body.

They dumped Raima’s body in a sack and tied it up with the string.

After dumping the body near the bridge, Shakhawat thoroughly washed the inside of his car to conceal all indication that he was responsible.

During questioning, he admitted that he gave Raima’s diary to Kalabagan Police Station to strengthen his alibi.

Raima Islam Shimu’s sister has claimed that there had been problems in the marriage.

She said that Raima told her that Shakhawat used to beat her.