Garba is a high-energy folk dance which originated in Gujarat and is performed with passion and fervour at the auspicious Navratri festival.

Garba originated from the Sanskrit word ‘Garbha’ which means womb.

Dancers celebrating the Garba spirit dance in a circle around a big lamp or the statue of Goddess Shakti.

The Garba is a dance form often confused with Dandiya, another Gujarati celebration which is also performed during Navratri.

Garba is performed in a circle to celebrate the cycle of life.

To celebrate Garba, people wear rich, traditional and colourful attire. Women wear Chaniya choli, a colourful three-piece dress, which consists of a blouse, skirt and dupatta.

Bandhni dupattas are also worn by women for Garba dance.

Along with this, women also adorn themselves with Jewellery, which consists of earrings, bangles and necklaces, among other pieces of jewellery.

Men usually wear kurta pyjamas and sherwanis. For headgear, men wear colourful turbans or pagdis to match their pyjamas or sherwani costumes while performing Garba.

Another traditional Gujarati attire which men wear to celebrate Garba is kafni pyjamas with a Ghagra, which is a short round kurta.

Green Patchwork

Beautiful Lehenga Cholis to Wear for Navratri & Garba - f-2This ethnic lehenga choli is quintessentially perfect for Navratri festivities. This lehenga features mid-length sleeves and a stunning full skirt.

Pair this lehenga with a full set of jewellery for an effortlessly glamorous look.

Patchwork lehengas are on trend and many designers are including them in their collections including Aisha Rao, Param Sahib and Maitri Mehta Label.

Lime Green Lehenga

Beautiful Lehenga Cholis to Wear for Navratri & Garba - 3If India is a canvas, a lehenga is an art. And this lehenga proves just that.

This lime green and lightly embellished lehenga is perfect for celebrating Navratri with your family and friends.

Pair this lehenga with a thick choker for an edgy yet modern look. A thin necklace will raise the elegance quotient.

Red Patchwork

Beautiful Lehenga Cholis to Wear for Navratri & Garba - 2Every few months, we see a new wedding trend emerge. Some trends stick while some are completely forgotten about.

One such trend which is here to stay is the humble patchwork lehenga.

This lehenga is made with the most intricate and exquisite handwork with motifs, embroidery and sequins.

Powder Blue Lehenga

Beautiful Lehenga Cholis to Wear for Navratri & Garba - 6This beautiful powder blue lehenga embellished with elegant floral embroidery is perfect for celebrating Navratri with your family and friends.

This Instagram-ready embellished lehenga choli will undoubtedly look spectacular in photographs.

Pair this lehenga with decadent earrings and bangles to bring the festive look together.

Black & Pink Velvet

Beautiful Lehenga Cholis to Wear for Navratri & Garba - 9This heavily embellished velvet lehenga is sure to capture the attention of your guests during your Navratri festivities.

This lehenga features embroidered flowers as well as gold sequins and silver threadwork.

Pair this lehenga with a jewellery set including earrings, rings, a necklace and a tikka for a glamorous look.

Lehenga and Choli are two parts of one attire. Lehenga is the lower part of the attire, which is worn below the navel.

It is upheld by an elastic or a thread referred to as Nada in Hindi.

Choli is the upper part of the attire that usually is of the same colour or contrasting one.

Lehenga and Choli come with a stole referred to as a dupatta which is to be draped with it.

The lehenga’s fame has increased far and wide due to its vast use in Indian cinema and among celebrities.

Today, the lehenga dominates marriage functions. It is worn as a bridal dress or at Sangeet functions.

This beautiful Indian dress is designed from materials such as silk, crepe, velvet, net etc, combined with heavy designs in brocade.

They still are the dominant ethnic wear in the regions of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, and many other northern regions.