Bilal Saeed was recently in the headlines when he walked off the stage mid-performance after throwing his microphone into the crowd.

His act highly confused concertgoers and questions were raised as to why Bilal was made to behave in such a peculiar way.

However, since the incident occurred, Bilal has taken to Instagram where he shared pictures of the event, followed by a lengthy caption explaining his actions.

In one of the photographs, Bilal is seen with his back to the crowd as he seemingly walks off the stage.

His caption read: “The stage has always been my whole world. I have always felt the most complete and the most alive while performing!

“I forget my sickness, stress, and worries. I leave everything behind when I perform for my fans.

“And no matter what nothing should have come in the way of me and the respect that my stage deserved from me.

“I love my fans and sometimes that love can be overwhelming for both sides.

“It wasn’t the first time someone was misbehaving in the crowd, but it was the first time I gave the wrong reaction!

“I should never have left the stage.”

Although Bilal Saeed indicated that there was a mishap in the crowd, he has not given any further details surrounding the incident.


The viral video clip showed Bilal performing his 2012 hit song ‘Ku Ku’ before he stopped and angrily threw the mic towards his unsuspecting audience before walking off stage.

Eagle-eyed viewers have claimed that a member of the audience was heard making disrespectful comments.

Other social media viewers have sarcastically compared him to singer Cardi B, and given him nicknames such as “Cardi Bilal” and “Cardi B Lite”.

Following his statement, fans have given mixed reactions to his behaviour. Some have said he did the right thing, whilst others pointed out he should take lessons from other performers.

One comment read: “You did the right thing. Zero tolerance for disrespect.”

Another said: “I like your music but I think you should look at legends of your country and see how they react to things like this.

“Get inspired by them. It wasn’t that big of a deal. People make mistakes.”

One netizen said: “Sometimes the patience level within you reaches the optimum level and the neutrals do not understand this while misbehaving.

“All they need is some sort of fun and they don’t realise that fun could come at the cost of someone being hurt.

“It was just a reaction to the action sort of thing, and true fans understand your situation and respect it.

“No artist does this unless something is getting on their nerves and the audience should learn to respect the artists as they are humans too.

“Also they should let the artist perform peacefully. The performance is to enjoy and everyone should take it as an entertainment thing only. More power to you! I support you!”