Mouni Roy is receiving a lot of love for her performance as Junoon in Brahmastra.

The fantasy film was released on September 9, 2022, and it has had mixed reviews.

But viewers have unanimously praised Mouni Roy’s role in the film.

Prior to the film’s release, many assumed that she would have a small role.

But Mouni has a presence throughout Brahmastra as the antagonist.

She is a loyalist who wants to reincarnate Brahma Dev by bringing together the three pieces of the most powerful weapon on Earth, the ‘Brahmastra’.

On social media, Mouni has received a lot of praise.

One person wrote: “Appreciate tweet for Mouni Roy she is doing such an amazing job in Brahmastra what an actor she is.”

Another viewer commented: “The star of Brahmastra is Mouni Roy.

“She got the memo, knew exactly what had to be done – she just understood the vision and her character. She understood the mythology, the astras, the power they wield and most importantly, the respect they deserve.”