Bushra Ansari recently shed light on her decision to get divorced, after she appeared as a guest on The Talk Talk Show with Hassan Choudary.

When questioned about her divorce, the veteran actress said:

“Islam has granted us so many rights that perhaps we do not wish to listen to.

“My daughter said ‘God has made us to be princesses and fairies, we have so many rights’.

“To which I responded, you know you have all these rights but the person who has to give it to you should be made aware as well.

“I had this right to divorce but it took me 36 years to use it.

“I had to use the right wisely otherwise I could have just divorced during my first year of marriage!”

Bushra also spoke about empowering women and offered three pieces of advice.

She advised: “Do not let anyone insult you, even if it is your brother or your teacher. Teachers should not insult the student.

“Number two; stay productive. To cook and watch TV is not enough. Number three; you need to keep the house in order.”

Revealing that she began her career as a child in 1967, Bushra explained:

“I was a leading kid the first two years I was acting.

“Then after two years, my Dadi and Dada [paternal grandparents] told me ‘Enough! Stay at home,’ after which my father advised me to sing on the radio instead of appearing on television.

“So although those five years I did not appear on screens, I was still doing something.”

Hassan asked Bushra if she received praise for her dramas, and she opened up about her most recent blockbuster Tere Bin, which starred Yumna Zaidi and Wahaj Ali.

Tere Bin was a fantasy. There was a beautiful house, and I also looked like some very artificial beautiful mother, the success is not shocking, it’s not surprising.

“I could just tell this is commercial work.”

Bushra played Maa Begum in the show and she was applauded for the grace with which she played the role.

Bushra Ansari has been part of the entertainment industry for over 50 years and is considered to be one of the most talented women.

She highlighted her love for her industry and said if an individual turned their hobby into a profession that paid them, there was nothing more to ask for.

Bushra has appeared in many popular drama serials including titles such as ZebaishTere Bina Mein NahiUdaari and Pardes.