The Spirit of Ecstasy

The Spirit of Ecstasy If you’ve ever seen a Rolls-Royce or seen a picture of one, you know what ‘the spirit of ecstasy’ is. It is the ornament that can be found at front of all Rolls-Royces. It is a woman leaning forward while extending her arms behind her.


Who Suffers From Nyctophobia? If you have a fear of the nighttime or of darkness, then you suffer from “Nyctophobia.” Freud was said to believe that the fear of darkness comes from a separation anxiety.

Koala Bear Fingerprints

Koala Bear Fingerprints What is so unusual about koala bear fingerprints? They are almost identical to human finger prints. Much like chimpanzee finger prints, koala bear fingerprints are the same shape and size and feature similar patters of swirls and lines.