Classy, sassy and witty Sara Ali Khan – 6 times she proved that she is beauty with brains!

Sara Ali Khan is just goals, she is classy, sassy, funny and breathtakingly beautiful. But what sets her apart in the crowd is her indomitable spirit, fierce confidence, and her irrefutable presence. She has always maintained the poise and decorum of being a Khan and has spoken her heart out when needed.

She balances her personal and professional life to the T and even with such hectic working schedules, she manages to keep herself updated with the social events happening around.  Sara’s box-office clout and smart choices belie her two films old graph. She doesn’t shy away from taking a stand or talking about issues that are relevant and needs to be spoken about. These instances prove how gradually and gracefully, she’s becoming a voice to reckon with:

1) On being asked if she is the bearer of the family’s legacy and how much of the pressure she bornes, Sara being today’s girl had the perfect response to it. Sharing her thoughts, she averred “I’ll be honest with you, people use words like a burden, pressure all of that nut I don’t really believe in that, I think that you’re as burdened as you want to be and you take as much pressure as you want to”. Sara’s cool attitude is something to take inspiration from.

2) When she spoke about her take on negative people and comments and how she battles it and if need be stay in the cocoon with her friends so that it doesn’t get to her. Sara shares, “Also to be very fair I tend to be a little bit blind side towards negative vibes, I’ve never been able to get them, and people would be like ” did you see that she’s so mean and I was like I didn’t think so, because I just have grown in the attempt to see the best in people and when it’s not possible I go to my two best friends delusion and denial and I just live in them and I just think oh this person is really great and it’s all good and I think that’s the attitude that takes you much further ”

3) When Sara taught us that self-belief and self -confidence is what we need to be confident about. She stated that “I don’t believe in a universal moral code, but I think that if you stand for something then you should stand for it period”

4) Sara believes that education is a pathway to a better future. Education leads to better life and learning is important. where you learn from is not as important as it sounds like. “A suggestion for Ibrahim or anybody actually is to go and get an education. It doesn’t have to be abroad, it can be in our own country. We have great academic institution in India but I think what education does is that it gives you a certain amount of independence its not even about what you learnt its just that you’ve learnt” excuded Sara.

5) Sara has learned to handle other people’s assumptions while maintaining a sense of who she is. Her dynamism is what makes her the buzzgirl and we are proud of that. Sara shares,”I think I am a very different and very diverse person in myself. I know that as long as I am proud about who I am, which I am and honest about who I am, which I am  I don’t look at it like that”

6) Empowerment has always been a debatable topic, but people often mistake gender equality as a part of feminisim. Even though she vouches for equal pay and better eductaion, her take on women safety along the lines of eauality is educating enough. Don’t believe this is what your favourite star has to say, “I can’t argue that me and my bother should be allowed to come home at the same time because maybe it a little more dangerous for me to stay out so late because I completely understand that I am a woman or my mother as a woman or my brother as a man cannot change the intentions of the man on the road. I don’t think this is an example of inequality I think these are the basic things that enable safety. Factors like equal pay and education are where we should argue about equality.”

Giving her second release in the span of two weeks post her debut, Sara has already won the hearts and box office. What follows this is the bonafide awards and endorsements which are pouring in.

On the work front, Bollywood’s buzzgirl Sara will be seen in the recently announced Imtiaz Ali ‘s next alongside Kartik Aaryan and with Varun Dhawan in ‘Coolie No.1’, respectively. With a trail of promising projects, both the films are slated to release next year.