A dad has been jailed for attacking his son-in-law with a meat cleaver at their Birmingham home. Bhajan Singh has now been jailed for the horror incident, which may have been the result of a “festering feud” about a trip to India.

Birmingham Crown Court heard the victim, aged in his 30s, had been living with his wife and two kids at Singh’s family home in Cornwall Road

He also worked at the same factory as his father-in-law and there had not been any problems between them. But that all changed on April 14 this year.


Alex Warren, prosecuting, said Singh had been drinking whisky at home after returning from work. His son-in-law arrived just before 8pm with his wife after a shopping trip.

The victim had been in the living room when he felt a blow to the back of his neck. He initially thought the defendant had slapped him but then realised he had been cut and shouted to his wife: “He is attacking me.”

Mr Warren added: “He then saw that the defendant was holding a meat cleaver, which he swung towards him, aiming at his neck. He put up his left hand to protect himself and the meat cleaver made contact with his left palm causing it to bleed profusely. He thought the defendant was going to kill him.”

He said the victim managed to flee to a neighbour’s house who raised the alarm. After being arrested Singh was smiling and appeared to be “winding up” his son-in-law, the court was told.

Singh was jailed for eight and a half years after he previously admitted wounding with intent.

In passing sentence Judge Sarah Buckingham said: “… for wholly inexplicable reasons, while under the influence of alcohol, you attacked your son in law by stabbing him in the neck with a meat cleaver.

“He was wholly defenceless and attacked from the rear. I have seen photos of it (the meat cleaver) covered in the victim’s blood. The force of the attack was such that the wooden handle broke during the incident.”

Singh had caused particular damage to the victim’s middle finger which required two operations, as well as damage to nerves and tendons.

The Judge said a possible motive for the attack was a recent extended trip the defendant had made to India. He had “reluctantly” returned to the UK and had become angry and frustrated. “You wanted someone to blame and he was your target,” he stated.

Simon Hanns, defending, said it was an unusual incident when Singh had behaved in an incredibly violent fashion and that “something must have happened.”