June 25

LEO JUN 26, 2019: Be careful not to overreact when someone says something that sounds rude to you—don’t fly off the handle or get up in their face. This is something that is none of your business, and it shouldn’t take up any of your time today. If you get involved in this drama, you’ll…


Watching the Canadian pipeline PR unfold

You may have caught the September 12 headline in the Globe and Mail, the Edmonton Journal, etcetera: “Canada needs new energy pipelines, bond rating agency says.” A new report from DBRS, Canada’s largest credit-rating agency (CRA), says Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline, and TransCanada Corp’s Energy East pipeline are all necessary. However,…


Tesla Model S

Model S is designed from the ground up to be the safest, most exhilarating sedan on the road. With unparalleled performance delivered through Tesla’s unique, all-electric powertrain, Model S accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in as little as 2.6 seconds. Model S comes with Autopilot capabilities designed to make your highway driving not only safer, but stress free.