Deepika Padukone angrily reacted to a fan who was secretly filming her and fans are loving her for it.

A video has circulated online, presumably from her and Ranveer Singh’s recent holiday.

The Bollywood couple appeared to be making their way off a ferry.

Deepika and Ranveer walk through a row of cars while their security staff is ahead of them.

People standing by their cars are stunned to see the stars.



However, one fan went a step further and filmed the couple from inside their vehicle.

Deepika is seen walking ahead of Ranveer.

As she makes her way through the parked cars, Deepika spots the fan secretly filming her.

Visibly disgruntled, Deepika looks away. As she goes out of frame, she pushes the phone, causing it to wobble.

The video quickly went viral and was picked up by paparazzi accounts, with one writing:

“Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh in a mischievous mood with fans as they get clicked in Mumbai recently.”

However, social media users did not see the funny side of the comment.

Many questioned the invasion of Deepika’s privacy.

One person asked: “Why are you posting it when we see that she doesn’t want it to be photographed?”

Another said: “DP (Deepika Padukone) doesn’t seem happy to be papped! Respect her privacy!”

A third added: “She’s clearly not comfortable being clicked what’s wrong with you guys?”

A comment read: “Stop violating people’s privacy for your two seconds of fame.”

Fans praised Deepika’s reaction, with one person posting:

“Yes Deepika. That’s how Indian media should be treated. Enough is enough.”

Another said she was channelling her character of Shakti Shetty in the upcoming film Singham Again.

However, others criticised Deepika Padukone’s actions and called her “rude”.

One user said:

“She just smacked the phone out of a fan’s hand, such shameful and terrible behaviour from Deepika.”

“These are the fans who support you and are excited to see you and this is what she does. Disappointed in Deepika.”


The video surfaced on the same day Ranveer attended a jewellery brand event.

He explained that one of the rings is “very dear” to him, revealing that is “my wedding ring, presented to me by my wife”.

Shutting down rumours that there is trouble in their marriage, Ranveer said:

“Personal sentimental value attached to them are my most dear pieces.

“One of the rings that is very dear to me is this one; it’s my wedding ring, presented to me by my wife.

“The other one is a platinum engagement ring. And then, of course, my mother’s diamond earrings and my grandmother’s pearls.”