The music video for Guru Randhawa’s ‘Sunrise’ has been released and his chemistry with Shehnaaz Gill is on full display, prompting some fans to believe it is confirmation of their relationship.

Not only does Shehnaaz feature in the music video but she also performs, showcasing her multitude of talents.

‘Sunrise’ opens with the pair’s silhouette, delicately showing their deep bond.

This continues as they cuddle on a hammock and playfully lounge around on a sofa.

The video has a behind-the-scenes style, suggesting that these are real moments between Shehnaaz and Guru.


Shehnaaz and Guru can be seen teasing each other, going on a long drive and spending quality time.

Does Guru Randhawa's 'Sunrise' confirm Shehnaaz Gill Relationship

She even writes ‘Gurnaaz’ on a steamed window.

Along with the heartfelt melody, the music video adds another layer to their love story.

Throughout the music video, everything feels natural and the chemistry between Guru and Shehnaaz is genuine.

It captures the essence of ‘Sunrise’, highlighting their connection.

The careful attention to detail and seamless synchronisation between the music and visuals enhance the song’s overall impact, captivating viewers and intensifying the emotional journey.

With music and lyrics by Guru Randhawa, the song is an ode to his and Shehnaaz’s bond.

Fans quickly noticed their sizzling chemistry and took to social media.

One wrote: “Oh oh! My heart cannot even process what I just saw. Such cuteness… such rawness. This is the best ever!!

“Shehnaaz Gill and Guru Randhawa. Thank you for this. Overwhelmed.”

Another said: “Just wow, loved it. Magical chemistry, such natural chemistry, they share a lovely bond which is beautiful to witness.”

Some wondered if the music video was a subtle confirmation that they are in a relationship.

One user said: “They shared their own feelings through this song.

“Best and unique way to tell the world that they are in love.”

“Love them together.”

Another agreed: “Their natural chemistry is love.”

Does Guru Randhawa's 'Sunrise' confirm Shehnaaz Gill Relationship 2

‘Sunrise’ is part of Guru’s 2023 album G Thing and while his and Shehnaaz’s chemistry was praised, it is not the first time that they have worked together.

Fans were impressed by their chemistry in the music video ‘Moon Rise‘.

The pair have been spotted together on multiple occasions and it has sparked dating rumours among fans.

At a star-studded Diwali party in 2022, Guru and Shehnaaz were seen laughing and dancing together, garnering love from fans.

Although the pair have not addressed the rumours, Shehnaaz seemed to hint that she is more than friends with Guru Randhawa.

Sharing the release date announcement for the ‘Sunrise’ music video, Shehnaaz wrote on Instagram:

“This is just not a song, it’s a beautiful feeling that we cherish together.

“Thank you to one and all, for loving us together… after Moonrise, there’s always a Sunrise! #Sunrise.@gururandhawa full video out on 8th Jan 2024… happy new year.”

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