Adrugs gang that imported over £165 million worth of cocaine into the UK have been jailed for a total of 167 years.

The 21-member group was a complex network of well-rehearsed individuals moving illegal drugs on an “industrial scale”.

Leading members of the drugs gang would travel to Dubai to meet their contact who they boasted was on a “mill a week”.

However, their operation was busted when police exposed Encrochat, an encoded communication platform used by criminals.

East Midlands Special Operations Unit investigated and found that the gang was led by Paldip Mahngar out of his home in Derby.

Mahngar ordered kilograms of cocaine from contacts in Dubai.

Jaswant Kajla then distributed the drugs across the UK. He organised the logistics of moving the drugs and arranged for the gang’s earnings to be collected.

He made sure that the distributors acted as couriers to distribute the drugs to buyers.

The gang’s accountant, Manraj Johal, dealt with the collected money.

He would then relay his activity to his superiors.