Renowned singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan caused controversy when a video, appearing to show him in a drunken state, went viral.

The video circulated just a day after he paid tribute to his uncle, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, on his 24th death anniversary.

In the video, Rahat was seen showering love on his late uncle’s former manager Haji Iqbal Naqeeb.

Rahat hugs Iqbal before putting his arm around him and saying:

“Do remember this guy, he is my love, he is my Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, we are one and we will be one, no one dares to fight with him.”

However, the video raised eyebrows as many viewers believed Rahat was drunk, expressing their concern in the comments section.

One person asked: “What is wrong with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan in this clip?”

Another said: “Shame on him.”

A third wrote: “This is so insulting and disgusting.”

Some believed the video should have remained private and not leaked onto social media.

One netizen said that the user who filmed and uploaded the video has backstabbed Rahat and should not be considered a friend.

The user wrote: “The person who’s making the video, he tried to spoil his reputation by uploading it. He’s not a friend but an enemy.”

One person claimed that the singer has been drunk before, posting:

“I remember being at this man’s concert where he was drunk on stage too.”

A person believed that Rahat was actually on drugs, calling it “normal” among singers.

“This is normal for singers. They perform live in front of a huge crowd. Not just male but female singers are also addicted to drugs.”

But others came to the singer’s defence, stating that it is his life and not up to social media users to criticise him.

One person said: “Why make a fuss?

“It’s his life, let him live it the way he wants. Maybe they are just acting for fun with friends.”

The controversial video comes after Rahat took to social media to remember his uncle and mentor.

Rahat wrote: “You touched countless lives during your life and even after your death.

“You live through your music and your family legacy. You will always be missed!”