Esha Gupta has revealed that as an outsider in Bollywood, she has had to take a longer and harder route to achieve success.

The actress has been in the industry for nearly 10 years and after working in several films, she is now a regular in the streaming space.

But Esha admitted that outsiders in Bollywood have it far harder than those within the industry, who get to enjoy privileges.

Speaking about her own experiences, Esha said:

“As someone who’s not from the industry, what I can speak for outsiders is that you don’t get a shoulder to cry on.

“And you do not have anyone guiding you the right way. Because from most people that I met, very few were real and genuine.

“My current agent is one of my best friends. But that’s because I can trust them.

“There are very few who would want to see you progress and guide you the same way.”

Esha went on to admit that at times, she wished she had been brought up in the industry as that would have made her career easier.

“At times, I really wish I was from the industry, I know I wouldn’t have faced that.