Faryal Makhdoom faced the wrath of internet trolls over her outfit at the Red Sea International Film Festival.

She and her husband Amir Khan attended the event’s closing night in Saudi Arabia.

For the event, Amir was dressed in an all-black suit while Faryal wore a white satin gown by fashion designer Raghad Shubbar.

The outfit was complete with extravagant beaded belt detailing, a headscarf and a long train.

The gown featured a thigh-high split and showed off a pair of towering stilettos.

Faryal walked the red carpet and posed with Alia Bhatt but social media users were unhappy with her outfit.

Faryal Makhdoom trolled over 'Half Naked' Look

Trolls accused Faryal of “hypocrisy” for wearing the revealing gown a day after visiting Mecca.

One person commented: “This girl confuses the f**k out of me can’t take her seriously.

“How can you expect people to respect you if one minute, you’re preaching religion in Saudi covered talking about finding god and five minutes later leave the most holy place to get half naked and do s**t for clout.”

Another asked: “What’s the point of covering your head when the rest of your body is visible?”

A third said: “Hypocrisy. One minute umrah and now look.”

Faryal Makhdoom trolled over 'Half Naked' Look 3

The hate prompted Faryal Makhdoom to hit back at the trolls, pointing out that she does not usually wear a Hijab.

In the comments section, she wrote: “Even though I don’t need to explain myself to anyone I thought I’d clarify one thing.

“I’ve been to Umrah many times before but this particular visit was unplanned, I had been invited to the Red Sea Film Festival so I flew down to attend.

“Whilst I was there I couldn’t not visit Makkah which was 1hr away from me, so I went.

“My dress was pre-planned, my Umrah trip wasn’t.

“The comments I’m getting are absurd, my dress isn’t that revealing at all, and I shouldn’t have to think twice about doing what my heart was called to do because of the dress I have planned for the event.

“Yes, I’m trying to better myself everyday as a Muslim and slowly I’ll get there, Inshallah.

“But please understand one thing I’m not a Hijabi so stop expecting me to dress like one.

“In fact, stop having any expectations of me. I’m not asking to be your role model.”

“P.s – I was glad to be in Saudi around many like-minded people who spoke up about Palestine at the film festival, which was an admirable thing to see and be a part of.”

Admitting that she did not expect the slit to be so long, Faryal added:

“Also, NGL I was p***ed at how long the slit was too.”

In another post, Faryal Makhdoom explained that she is starting to rethink her fashion choices.

Faryal Makhdoom trolled over 'Half Naked' Look 2

The post read: “Also guys, I do want to start bettering my style in dressing.

“It is something I have been working on for the past few months but like with all change, it naturally takes some time.

“I don’t drink, I don’t party but one of the things I do enjoy is trying different forms of style. However, I know that I can improve on that.

“I am aware I’m a Muslim and Inshallah slowly but surely, it’s one of the things I am consciously working on.

“Please understand, it’s hard being in the public eye… the pressure of events etc.

“I have avoided the majority of the events (including those that were highly paid). However, other events I am contractually bound by.

“I appreciate the love you guys have for me and understand that you try to guide me but some of the comments can be extremely hurtful. Take it easy on me, I’m only human.

“We all Sin in different ways and May Allah Guide us All.”