Fashion designer and social media activist Khadijah Shah was arrested by Quetta Police on murder and attempted murder charges.

Although news of her arrest is public knowledge, it is believed that her detention order has been taken back by the Punjab government after a petition was filed by Khadijah’s husband, Jahanzeb Amin.

Khadijah was arrested on the afternoon of December 11, 2023, after the police submitted an ATC (Anti-Terrorism Act) at the Bijli Road Police Station.

Citing a murder and attempted murder case, the police application stated that the ATC asked for Khadijah to be presented in court after two days.

Khadijah’s troubles began when she was arrested following the arrest of PTI’s Imran Khan in May 2023.

Trouble ensued when protests for Imran’s release turned violent and Khadijah shared videos of the protest outside the Jinnah House in Lahore on her social media platform, resulting in the arrest of several protestors.

Subsequently, Khadijah was charged with vandalism and an attack on security installations on May 9.

On May 23, she handed herself into the police which led to an immediate arrest.

In October, Khadijah wrote a letter from Central Jail and spoke of the treatment of imprisoned women, asking for humanity.

The letter, which consisted of five pages, was shared by her husband and Khadijah described the environment as “painful” and “heart-wrenching”.

Police were given orders to present Khadijah in court at 2:30 pm on December 12, 2023, and that failure to do so would mean involving the Punjab Police Chief Usman Anwar regarding the issue.

Following this, the judge requested Punjab police to submit written evidence of when Khadijah was taken into custody.

Khadijah Shah was one of many Imran Khan supporters who expressed their anger and frustration after news of his arrest went viral.

Actor Adnan Siddiqui had said:

“Shameful and shocking to see a former PM being dragged like a petty criminal.”

“Never in the history of our country were such scenes witnessed. Power has surely gone to the ruling dispensation’s head.”

Zara Peerzada added: “An ex-PM has been kidnapped/arrested by the establishment from a constitutional court.

“I have no words. You can’t make this up. I wish I was.”

Singer Annie Khalid commented: “Please get out of your homes guys. He is in jail for us. His entire career of political struggle comes down to today.

“He is telling us to fight for our constitutional rights, please get out there and protest!”

“May Allah break the backs of these oppressors.”