Afather-of-two was stabbed to death as he defended his brother after a fight broke out on a North London street.

It was reported that a fight broke out between a group of vehicles on High Road, Whetstone at around 10:25 pm on June 17, 2021.

Mohammad Raza Gulzar died whilst allegedly protecting his brother.

Emergency services found the 29-year-old victim, known by his friends as Raza Gulzar, with multiple stab wounds.

He later died in hospital.

His alleged attacker, Mohammed Abraheen Sikander, aged 23, denied murder and possession of a bladed article.

Two others, Mohammed Ali Sikander, aged 27, and Mohammed Yousef, aged 34, denied assisting an offender.

Mr Gulzar had allegedly engaged with a group of men after they targeted his brother.

The occupants of four vehicles are believed to have been involved in the fight after one car purposely crashed into another.

Around 10 men were believed to have been involved, resulting in the father-of-two being stabbed repeatedly.

According to police, at least one person had filmed the incident.

By the time emergency workers had arrived at the scene, the suspects had fled.

Five men in their 20s were initially arrested on suspicion of affray and were taken to a North London police station.

Mr Gulzar’s cousin’s wife Sima Raza told

“He was a charismatic family man whose life was simple and straightforward.

“His colleagues would praise how decent and polite he was and that sums him up really.

“It couldn’t have happened to a nicer person, and that’s what makes it so heartbreaking because he’s not that sort of a person to get involved in any kind of crime.”

After his father passed away, Mr Gulzar moved from Norway to London.

He leaves behind a wife and two young children, aged four and two.

Sima continued: “We’re living in such a sick, scummy society.

“It almost feels like a warzone and that one day or another it’s going to hit you.

“A young 17-year-old in Waltham Forest got killed and he was in my daughter’s class. That was so close to home and we were so shocked.

“A couple of months later it happened to someone in my family. And the government is doing absolutely nothing about it. I had to tell my children to hide everything, this is how we’re living.”

Mohammed Abraheen Sikander, Mohammed Ali Sikander and Mohammed Yousef have been remanded in custody and will face trial later in 2022.