APakistani father has been arrested for setting his 12-year-old son on fire.

It was reported that he doused the boy in kerosene for not doing his homework. The boy ended up being set alight.

Shaheer Khan, of Karachi, died of his injuries two days after the incident.

It is believed that the act had been intended to scare the boy into doing his homework.

SHO Salim Khan, of Iqbal Market Police Station, said that on September 14, 2022, Shaheer wanted to go outside and fly his kite, much to the dismay of his father Nazir

Nazir asked his son about his studies and whether he had done his homework.

But the boy reportedly gave “unsatisfactory answers”, enraging his father.

In a bid to scare him into doing his homework, Nazir poured kerosene on his son.

Nazir continued to intimidate his son by lighting a match near him. However, the flammable liquid caught alight, engulfing Shaheer in flames.

The boy’s screams caused his mother, Shazia, to rush in and attempt to extinguish the fire by throwing blankets over him.

Nazir was arrested on September 19, 2022, after Shazia lodged a formal case against him.

During questioning, Nazir admitted responsibility for his actions, stating that he was trying to scare his son into doing his homework.

He is now set to appear in court on September 24, 2022