Fatima Sana Shaikh spills some beans on keeping her social media game as real as possible!

Expressing her take on how her social media makes her the perfect example of a girl next door, Fatima shares, `I’ve no strategy when it comes to social media. I’ve always uploaded the things I wanted to. Social media is an extended part of me and that’s what is interesting to other people. If my fans like me on my social media, then there’s nothing better than that because you don’t have to pretend to be somebody else. I’m happy that people love me for who I’m.`

Fatima, who has a knack for photography believes, `I feel like capturing the beauty of everyday life` and displays great skills with it. From street photography to love for animals, the actress has an eye for the perfect angle.

Talking about how important a tool social media is for actors, Fatima further shares, `Social media is an outlet for a lot of people. There are a lot of actors who still aren’t on social media. The fact that I’m on social media isn’t born out of necessity but I enjoy being on it. If I feel like I’m not enjoying it, I’ll delete my accounts. I don’t take the stress of uploading something new every day.`

Keeping is utterly real with times when everyone wants to go on a detox from social media, Fatima’s way of this exercise is so real. `Every now and then, I go off social media because I’ve always been very conscious about how much time I’m spending on my phone. We’re so busy with our phones even in the company of family and friends that we miss out on the present. I’ve two phones currently, one is my work phone and the other is my personal phone which has no social media applications apart from WhatsApp. I’m trying to find a balance and a way so that I can enjoy the moments in the present.’

With a promising career trajectory, Fatima is one actor who has grown with every movie and has been earning praise critics and directors. Hailed as a Director’s actor, Fatima keeps her fans posted with her social media posts about all things arts as well as her superlative performances.

On the work front, Fatima will be seen in a horror-comedy Bhoot Police starring Saif Ali Khan and Ali Fazal and in Anurag Basu’s directorial next and she is exhilarated for her first-ever collaboration with Anurag Basu and Rajkumar Rao.