mar Hamid was the leader of a drugs gang that ran two drugs lines – the Felix line and CCPP (cannabis, coke, powder and pills) line.

The criminal ran the operation from his prison cell at HMP Liverpool.

Hamid had been serving a 22-year sentence for rape after being convicted in February 2021.

Using an illegal mobile phone, Hamid directed the operation from his prison cell before his release in September 2019.

Between 2018 and 2020, hundreds of text messages were sent to drug users in Hyndburn, Rossendale and Blackburn on an almost daily basis.

On the outside was 17-year-old Joshua Haslam who had turned to drugs after suffering difficulties at home, and lived a chaotic lifestyle.

Haslam was trusted by Hamid to maintain the operation on the outside, in return for financial gain.

When Haslam told Hamid’s wife Khadija he was skint, she promised:

“Yeah, he’s home soon. You won’t be skint anymore.”

Within days, Hamid was released from prison and the Felix line was launched – selling heroin and crack cocaine.