Gauri Khan may have over-edited one of her latest Instagram photos, according to Reddit.

The image from a recent event in Dubai that Gauri uploaded on her Instagram feed and the original image that Getty Images provided on their website are being compared in a new post on the subreddit Bolly Blinds and Gossip.

In these, Gauri Khan appears slightly different.

In the edited picture, posted on Instagram by Gauri, the exposure is higher, her skin looks smoother, her eyes darker and bigger and her mouth is a bit different too.

The post’s title read: “Actual Pic vs the edited one Gauri posted on her insta.

“Why do celebs feel the need to ‘beautify’ their pics so much these days ??”

However, many users and fans defended Gauri in the comments on the post.

A few did mention that Gauri looked better and more real in the original picture, but many said that everyone edits their photos on social media.

One Reddit user wrote: “Honestly I do it too, of course not a lot where my whole face changes but I play around with lighting and stuff, especially with those Instagram filters.”

Another said: “Even non-celebrities do it. That’s why beauty apps and filters exist.”