Hackers bizarrely demanded for former adult film star Mia Khalifa to be made an education advisor in Egypt.

It was reported that the hackers infiltrated the Beheira province education directorate’s Facebook page and used it to make their demand.

The identity of the hackers is unknown.

The post read: “We demand Minister of Education Dr Reda appoint Dr Mia Khalifa as an advisor for educational development.”

According to reports, the post also included a photo of Mia.

Mia was referred to as a “Dr” in the post and while she did obtain a bachelor’s degree in history from the University of Texas, there is no confirmed news on whether she has received a doctorate.

In a cabinet reshuffle in Egypt, Dr Hegazy was promoted to education minister from deputy education minister for teachers’ affairs.

After regaining control of its page from the unknown hackers, the Beheira education directorate published an “urgent notice” from its public relations and media department.

The notice read: “The media page of the directorate was hacked by an unknown party, and legal measures have been taken in this regard.

“A report has been made to the competent security authorities.”