Indian influencer Dolly Singh bravely spoke out against body shaming. Her powerful message resonated with many, including Pakistani actress Hania Aamir.

She praised Dolly for her courage and dubbed her a “queen”.

Dolly also shared her personal weight-gain journey, inspiring others to do the same.

Her post detailed her struggles with weight fluctuation and the negative comments she has faced as a result.

She said: “Like most people, my weight fluctuates too. Being on the naturally skinny side of the spectrum, I tend to lose weight easily and it’s hard to put it back on.”



Despite this, Dolly has learned to love and accept her body, regardless of its shape or size.

She added: “I love my body in every state because it supports me… I have grown up despising my body, hating every bit of it, so this… this is growth.”

However, not everyone around Dolly has been supportive of her journey.

She faced unsolicited judgment and criticism from others, leading her to put up boundaries for her own mental well-being.

Dolly recalled: “The other day, as I was about to go see someone, I decided against it because I realised they’re not my safe space.”

Dolly has distanced herself from people and places that do not make her feel loved and accepted. She urges her fans and followers to do the same.

“If you could do something today, try to be someone’s safe space.

“And count your own blessings of people in your life who don’t care about the kgs fluctuating but the smiles on your face.”

Hania Aamir was moved by Dolly’s words and wrote:

“It takes tremendous courage to fight your fears and insecurities and then turn every mean comment into your armour and try to give your community something positive out of the negativity you have received.

“You’re a queen! Thank you for this powerful message!”

Dolly Singh’s message has resonated with many, and her bravery in speaking out against body shaming has inspired others to do the same.

Influencers and celebrities sharing personal struggles and uplifting messages are gradually inspiring a positive change in society.

A user wrote: “I love girls supporting girls.”

Another added: “Hania is so sweet for this. She herself has struggled with insecurities too so she understands it better than most.”