Pakistani TikToker Hareem Shah has issued an apology in relation to a money laundering case.

The influencer became embroiled in controversy after a viral video showed her flaunting thousands of pounds while claiming that she easily managed to take a hefty amount out of Pakistan.

This resulted in the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) launching a money laundering investigation against her.

On October 6, 2022, a hearing was held in the High Court.

Hareem appeared with her lawyer and it was said that the TikToker wanted to surrender before the FIA. The petitioner’s counsel also said that the FIA should not arrest Hareem.

Regretting her mistake, Hareem issued an apology.

She said: “I have committed a mistake by making a video in which I claimed to take a hefty amount out of Pakistan without getting noticed by airport authorities.”

Hareem went on to say that she made the video just to annoy an FIA official, however, she did not reveal the official’s name.

In regard to Hareem Shah’s arrest by federal investigators, the Sindh High Court approved protective bail for her for seven days.

In January 2022, Hareem had posted a video with thousands of pounds, claiming that she had taken it from Pakistan to the UK.