For the majority of Desi people, entering any type of sex work, especially being something like a British Asian escort, is forbidden.

Whilst areas like OnlyFans, stripping and adult-based content have seen an influx of South Asians, these industries are highly frowned upon in Desi households.

Many associate this with a lack of self-respect and dishonour to the family.

Likewise, South Asian females as a whole are still expected to abide by certain rules such as no boyfriends and no sex before marriage.

This is not just in South Asia, the same views are held within many British Asian families as well.


Whilst Niya admits that her family is unaware of what she is doing, she has no fear of coming clean about her lifestyle as soon as she is ready.

She tells the story of how she got introduced and involved in this line of work and her experiences with it so far.