Humaima Malick came under fire for baring her cleavage for a fashion shoot.

The actress wore a patterned anarkali from Hussain Rehar’s 2024 Zaiba-Eid Stitched Lawn Collection.

The description reads: “Step into a picturesque view of rich tradition and class with this enchanting ensemble.

“The straight-long shirt boasts alluring floral embroidery adorning the finest fabric, while intricate stitch embroidery details add a touch of elegance.

“Paired with chooridar sleeves and a beautiful neckline, this outfit exudes sophistication.

“Complete the look with an organza chunri print dupatta, delicately embroidered on all four sides, paired with floral-printed bottoms. Embrace tradition redefined with every stitch.”

Humaima Malick under fire for Bold Fashion Shoot

Humaima’s navy blue outfit was adorned with intricate floral patterns, comprising red and silver.

She complemented her ensemble with dark red nail polish.

Humaima’s brunette locks were crimped, adding a retro touch to her overall look.

Celebrity makeup artist Humza Khan was responsible for Humaima’s glamorous makeup.

She opted for bronzer, contoured cheeks and dark mascara.

Humaima shared pictures from her shoot, however, the response from netizens was mixed.

Some users loved Humaima Malick’s ethnic ensemble, with one writing:


Another said: “You look royally beautiful in these pictures.”

However, others were less appreciative of her fashion shoot, with many accusing her of wearing a revealing outfit.

Much of the attention was on an image where Humaima’s cleavage was on display.

One person said: “Failed actress shows cleavage in order to be relevant in the industry.”

Another wrote: “Extreme of shamelessness.”

Some users cruelly said Humaima looked like a prostitute, referencing Netflix’s Heeramandi, which is about a group of courtesans.

One person sarcastically wrote: “After watching Heeramandi.”

Another said: “A real product of Heera Mandi.”

One comment read: “Actresses in Heeramandi didn’t show as much as she’s showing.”

Humaima Malick under fire for Bold Fashion Shoot 2

Some users mentioned Humaima’s brother Feroze Khan, with one person posting:

“I remember Feroze once said in an interview he’s proud of his sister… Here comes her.”

Criticising Humaima’s outfit, one user said:

“Brother will feel proud of your sister. Wow, claps.

“If you had kept a little bit of noise and lamp, your brother’s head would have been higher with pride.”

Humaima Malick has previously sparked controversy for her outfits and it prompted her to hit out at her critics.

Humaima Malick under fire for Bold Fashion Shoot w

In January 2024, she said:

“They’ll say, ‘Tell your brother, look at what he’s doing’.

“If my brother is religious, they’ll tag him under my pictures, or they’ll tag me in one of my brother’s posts.

“We’re individuals, okay? I am my own person, he is responsible for his own character, right?”

She commended her brother’s character before hitting out at online critics.

Humaima Malick went on to state her feeling that she faces more criticism than other actresses for her clothing choices.

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