Iffat Omar’s recent pictures have gone viral, where she can be seen wearing lehenga-choli at a wedding.

However, these particular pictures also resulted in backlash from her Pakistani fans.

They quickly gathered in the comment section to express their disappointment.

One user said: “Our celebrities are getting half naked and they feel so proud of showing their body parts they don’t care about religion, values and culture.”

Another wrote: “There is a new trend among Pakistani elite to show their entire belly and their back. There is no shame left among Pakistani elites.”

One commented: “What’s with the nakedness?!? Shameless people!!!”

Another remarked: “She criticises everyone. Now look at her.”

The moral police also pointed out Iffat’s age, comparing it with her outfit. They claimed her style did not suit someone of her age.

One person asked: “Is this your age now to be taking off your clothes?”

Another mocked: “Aunty, what was the need to wear even that small vest? Show everything.”

One wrote: “Being naked in old age has its own appeal.”

Some people also claimed that her face appeared different, implying that she had undergone surgery or other alterations.

One user said:

“No matter what you do with your face, you still look abnormal. You’re going to burn in hell.”

Another remarked: “You look like a dead body full of Botox.”

One wrote: “Ruined your face.”

Iffat Omar's Lehenga Pictures ignite Criticism

Iffat Omar had previously replied to a troll who accused her of getting plastic surgery, stating:

“I have never hidden my age and I am not ashamed of ageing but I have aged, not died.

“I look after myself. The day it will be surgery, I will openly admit it.”

Following the criticism, Iffat’s fans started defending her from all the hate she was receiving.

One fan commented: “Well this lady looks stunning. And who are we to judge? It’s her personal choice and her body: she has all the freedom. More power!”

Another said: “Anyone can wear whatever they want at whatever age they are at.

“These comments are proof that your mind is full of sh*t and all they are doing is spreading hatred and negativity.”

One wrote: “Looking cute! I know some people got triggered, but it’s a routine of our backward-minded jobless people.”

Another commented: “You’re damn gorgeous. Don’t listen to all these churails [witches], they are just unsatisfied Desi women who can’t get what you have so let them burn.”

Iffat Omar has yet to address the recent hate and criticism she is subjected to.