On the Something Haute YouTube channel, Pakistani actress Iman Ali stated that she is richer than her husband, Canada-based businessman Babar Bhatti.

Promoting her upcoming film Tich Button, she spoke to Aamna Haider, opening up on poverty, modelling, marriage and her finances.

Iman admitted that she grew up in a poor household and it was her strained relationship with her father, Abid Ali, that encouraged her to work hard.

Speaking about her background, Iman said:

“I have seen a lot of poverty, I grew up wearing used clothes till 18.

“I worked hard, I built my house, I financed my own wedding… I stitched new Eid dresses, I wore old clothes.”

Through Iman’s showbiz career, she has saved a considerable amount of money, later using it to invest in property.

“I have saved each and every single penny which I earned and then I utilised it in buying property, I bought plots and houses.”

She then casually boasted that she is richer than her husband.

“I’m still struggling but let me tell you, I am richer than Babar it’s a fact.”