Lucknow-based influencer Simran Yadav has attracted police attention after she appeared to brandish a gun during a reel.

Simran, who has over two million Instagram followers, was seen in the middle of a highway in a red ensemble.

She danced to Upender Rana’s song ‘Mat Dare Baavli Chhori’, a track that is used in many of her videos.

At the same time, Simran appeared to be holding a pistol whilst lip-syncing the lyrics.

As she performed her dance moves, Simran waved the apparent firearm. Meanwhile, vehicles can be seen driving past her.

A group of onlookers are in the background, watching her performance.

Simran then throws the supposed gun aside and continues with the dance moves.

In the caption, Simran claimed the weapon was actually a lighter.

However, Advocate Kalyanji Chaudhary did not believe the claims and slammed the influencer for disregarding the law and code of conduct.

He shared the video on X and wrote:

“Instagram star Simran Yadav of Lucknow is openly flouting the law and code of conduct by waving a pistol on the highway and making a video viral to show off her community’s power in society.”

Kalyanji also tagged several accounts of the Lucknow Police.


Social media users hit out at Simran for her potentially dangerous stunt.

One person urged: “Start putting a hefty fine on these jokers. Money can be used to feed poor people.”

Another said: “Such accounts should be removed from Instagram.”

Many called for her arrest, with one writing:

“People forget the limits of cultural and ethical values and try to gain popularity by any means. Law must take its course.”

Another pleaded: “Please arrest her.”

Some chose to mock the influencer, with one posting:

“Prepare early to eat jail bread.”

One person believed the pistol was fake, writing:

“But to me, it looks like a toy pistol, which is used in dancing and singing.

“How can you say after watching the video that it is real? Pay some attention to the other aspects as well.”

Kalyanji replied: “The pistol may be fake or real but the intention is what matters.”

Uttar Pradesh Police’s official X account later responded to the video, directing the Lucknow Police to “kindly look into it”.

Lucknow Police then commented: “The concerned have been directed to take necessary action.”