An Indian man beheaded his teenage sister for trying to marry against her family’s wishes, before walking around with the severed head in a bag.

There had been a dispute over Aashifa’s relationship with a man named Chand Babu, who is from the same village in Uttar Pradesh.

Despite being of the same caste and religion, her family disapproved of the relationship, especially her brother Riyaz.

The siblings would often get into arguments over the matter.

Several days before the murder, Aashifa eloped with her lover. This led to her family filing a police complaint against Chand.

Her father Abdul Rashid accused Chand of abducting his daughter with the intention of marrying her.

Aashifa eventually returned home and Chand was arrested.

This fuelled the tension between Aashifa and Riyaz. When the 18-year-old told her family that she wanted to marry Chand, Riyaz became violent.

He brutally stabbed his sister before using the weapon to behead her.

The Indian man then placed his sister’s severed head in a plastic bag and walked around the neighbourhood with it and the murder weapon before walking towards the police station.

Horrified neighbours saw the blood-soaked bag and alerted the police.

Officers from Fatehpur Police Station soon arrived and arrested Riyaz.

Additional Superintendent of Police Ashutosh Mishra said:

“In a fit of rage, Riyaz picked up a sharp-edged weapon and beheaded his sister before packing her head in a sack and went to the police station.”

It was reported that an autopsy was carried out and evidence was gathered from the scene.

ASP Mishra added: