Veteran star Zeenat Aman revealed on her Instagram Story that there have been talks of a biopic on her.

However, she asserted that the project must have her involved in its making.

Posting a sexy, black-and-white photo of her younger self, the actress wrote:

“You may dismiss this as the ranting of an old lady, but in my opinion, it would be foolish to make a biopic about me without actually involving me.

“Quite frankly, nobody knows me like I do – so any research to this end would be incomplete, even flawed, without my input.

“I’d wager that for every factoid about me that’s available in the public domain, there are a hundred more that are known just to me.

“There are a trove of milestones, anecdotes and personal revelations that are integral to understanding my journey.

“Oh, it’s been an interesting life indeed.

“I will also make no bones about the fact that I’m wary of my story being told by strangers. Especially men.

“The ‘sex symbol’ tag is impossible to shake (believe me, it’s been 50 years) and in the hands of the wrong storyteller, may well devolve into a work of crass voyeurism and conjecture.

“I’m only too aware of the stereotyping of ‘bold women’.

“I am neither a seductress, nor a damsel in distress. And I am certainly not a victim.

“There have been conversations about a potential series or films, and I’m slowly warming to the idea.

“Will it happen? Who knows? It would take a sensitive director, a brave writer, an immaculate cast.

“Not to mention, a producer who will – to steal a quote – show me the money!”

Is a Zeenat Aman Biopic on the Way_

The post attracted significant attention from many as several users expressed their thoughts and excitement a potential biopic of Zeenat Aman.

One user commented: “Can’t wait to watch!!! Maybe even be a part of it as an artist!!

“And oh, yeah!! I cannot agree more on the fact that your story viewed from any other lens especially men can actually be far away from the ‘real story’!!”

Another fan echoed this sentiment and said: “Wow! Can’t wait for such a project to come to fruition!

“And definitely would not watch anything that’s made without your consent or collaboration.”

Tanishaa Mukerji wrote: “I totally agree. There can be no real story about you without your involvement.”

Zeenat hit stardom with Dev Anand’s Hare Rama Hare Krishna (1971).

She appeared in classics including Don (1978) and Satyam Shivam Sundaram (1978).

In recent months, Zeenat has become something of an Instagram celebrity, with many praising her candour and eloquence on the social media platform.

A biopic of her is certainly an exciting prospect.

Zeenat Aman will next be seen in Bun Tikki, in which she will star alongside fellow veteran actress Shabana Azmi.