When Aima Baig revealed that she and Shahbaz Shigri were separating, her personal life drew a lot of interest.

A British model claimed she had cheated on him and as a result, Aima’s career and personal life suffered greatly.

While the artist has moved on from the drama, millions of fans are still curious about Aima’s romantic situation.

In order to put everything to rest, Aima appeared on Fahad Mustafa’s The Fourth Umpire Show and was questioned on her relationship status.

When asked if she was single or in a relationship, Aima said she is “currently single

Aima Baig was careful to address the unfounded accusations and public scrutiny that not only damaged her reputation but also affected her family.

She asserted that because artists frequently make their private lives public, it is easier for others to invade or otherwise violate their privacy.

She said: “The artists themselves are to be blamed for making their life so public on social platforms.

“I’ve learned to keep my personal life to myself.”

Aima said that while she currently finds herself happy with herself, she regrets some of her earlier decisions that sent her down the rabbit hole.

“Arranged marriages can be a good option, if your parents see a good option then it’s good, I don’t mind because parents can’t think bad about their kids.”

She recently shared a selfie with acclaimed artist Shamoon Ismail, who is seated next to her in the photo.