One temporary facial hair removal method preferred by many beauty connoisseurs is dermaplaning.

Although dermaplaning does remove facial hair, it is described as an exfoliation process by professionals.

Dermaplaning is essentially a method of exfoliation that not only removes layers of accumulated dead skin cells but the fine vellus hair as well.

This painless hair removal method has become increasingly popular recently, with more and more dermaplaning content surfacing on the internet.

You may have seen satisfying videos of people shaving their faces while scrolling through TikTok, YouTube Shorts or Instagram.

This method of shaving your face essentially removes peach fuzz, or more accurately termed as the ‘vellus hair’.

Vellus hair is finer, shorter, softer and very often lighter in colour in contrast to terminal hair which is coarser and darker.

Peach fuzz, as the name implies, pretty much resembles the fuzz on a peach.

It can be a source of discomfort for some.

That being said, some people are comfortable with their fuzzy little hairs – it’s normal after all.