Reports are circulating that Pornhub has decided to take Mia Khalifa’s video profits and donate them to Israel.

This comes amid the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict and Mia’s controversial remarks.

The former adult film star sparked outrage when she appeared to support Hamas’ attack on Israel.

One post read: “If you can look at the situation in Palestine and not be on the side of Palestinians, then you are on the wrong side of apartheid and history will show that in time.”

Another said: “Can someone please tell the freedom fighters in Palestine to flip their phones and film horizontal.”

Mia’s comments were condemned and she soon lost a number of professional opportunities.

In a statement,Playboy announced they would be severing ties with Mia, calling her comments “disgusting and reprehensible”.

She also lost a podcast deal with Canadian broadcaster and radio host Todd Shapiro, who said:

“This is such a horrendous tweet @miakhalifa. Consider yourself fired effective immediately.

“Simply disgusting. Beyond disgusting.

“Please evolve and become a better human being. The fact you are condoning death, rape, beatings and hostage-taking is truly gross.

“No words can explain your ignorance. We need humans to come together, especially in the face of tragedy.

“I pray for you to become a better person. However, it clearly seems like it’s too late for you.”

There are now reports that in retaliation for Mia’s comments, Pornhub is donating the profits made from her old adult films to Israel.

Although Mia Khalifa has quit the adult film industry and wants nothing to do with it, her videos remain on Pornhub and are still viewed.

An X account called Megh Updates posted a video, claiming that Mia’s income has been frozen by Pornhub and the profits have been donated to Israel.

The video alleged: “Mia Khalifa has lost her earnings from her videos on Pornhub.

“That’s how the pornstar paid for her support of Hamas.”

It went on to claim that Feras Antoon, former CEO of Aylo, which operates Pornhub, said:

“Pornhub, as a Canadian company, has shown the world one thing: It’s not just Americans who can take from Arabs and give to Jews.”


The tweet went viral and some netizens believed the claims, with one person saying:

“Respect increased for Pornhub.”

Another shocked user exclaimed: “Say what?”

However, many said it was a fake propaganda campaign against Mia.

One user said that the claims would spark a defamation lawsuit.

Meanwhile, Pornhub has refuted the claims, with a spokesperson simply stating that they are “not true”.