Jacqueline Fernandez shares the perfect inspo with ‘Suryanamaskar’ to get you going with fitness. Check those 108 rounds!

It’s no secret that Jacqueline Fernandez is the most sought actress when it comes to fitness and has always shared various small fun clips of her working out. Out of all the options of fitness people rave about the most, Jacqueline being the yoga lover prefers traditional Suryanamaskar and also tells her audiences to do some.

Sharing a snippet of how Jacqueline does her one Suryanamaskar, the actress says, “This is 1 surya namaskar, 20 mins you can do 20 and it’s a great workout! I do 108 😁 yoga to the rescue!!!”

The clip very evidently shows how Jacqueline is focusing on every count and keeping her breathing in a count which matters the most in Suryanamaskar. Truly, this video is just like a breath of fresh air and has given all the fitness inspo you need, taking away all your mid-week blues at a time when everyone must stay home to protect themselves from the pandemic. This! Definitely, is the best regime you can follow at home.

Jacqueline is one of the most positive actresses as she has captured her emotions and the outside enviornment doesn’t affect her inner peace and happiness. Truly, an inspiration we need in our everyday lives to look up to.

Jacqueline leaving no stone unturned and grabbing every opportunity that comes her way which helps her grow, will be seen next in venturing into the OTT platform with Mrs. Serial Killer.