Janhvi Kapoor makes a stunning splash, embracing the resurgence of wet glam in her recent photoshoot.

Cloaked in a glistening latex leather dress that perfectly complements her dewy appearance, the star effortlessly combines sultry allure with high-fashion aesthetics.

Opting for a captivating red ensemble with turtle neck detailing and full sleeves, Janhvi Kapoor forgoes accessories, allowing her outfit and makeup to command attention.

Renowned makeup artist Riviera Lynn contributes to Kapoor’s glam with a delicate shimmering pink palette that imparts a soft glow to her eyes, seamlessly complementing the wet look.

Mauve lips and mascara-laden lashes showcase Lynn’s artistry, achieving a balance between understated and chic.

Janhvi Kapoor embraces the Wet Glam Trend in Latex Dress - 1The strategic application of rouge and highlighter accentuates Janhvi Kapoor’s features, while kohl and eyeliner add a defining touch.

Styled eyebrows with feathery, natural-looking arches gracefully frame her face.

A dewy base is the cornerstone of Janhvi Kapoor’s fresh appearance, achieved through the use of hydrating makeup products.

Janhvi Kapoor embraces the Wet Glam Trend in Latex Dress - 2Foundations, concealers, and primers with a luminous finish, along with liquid highlighters, contribute to a radiant complexion.

Glosses and creams enhance the skin’s luminosity, exuding an impression of vitality and freshness.

Crafted by hairstylist Marce Pedrozo, Kapoor’s wet hair look channels a ‘just-out-of-water’ vibe, with a backswept and softly ruffled style.

Janhvi Kapoor embraces the Wet Glam Trend in Latex Dress - 3This hairstyle not only complements the wet makeup theme but also adds movement and fluidity to the overall aesthetic.

The use of hair gels or oils, applied evenly, achieves a deliberate, styled wet appearance.

Styled by celebrity stylist Meagan Concessio, Kapoor’s photoshoot captures her drenched in water, posing in a body-hugging leather dress with a wet hair look and striking glam choices.

Captioning the post with a touch of romance, she wrote: “Seasons greetings.”

Among the reactions, her close friend Orry, also known as Orhaan Awatramani, chimed in with a simple “Seasons greetings.”

Actress Sobhita Dhulipala added a spicy twist with “Red chilli emoticons,” while renowned designer Manish Malhotra expressed his admiration with heart emojis.

Janhvi Kapoor embraces the Wet Glam Trend in Latex Dress - 4Beyond its Christmas vibes, Janhvi’s look is poised to be a showstopper for New Year’s celebrations.

As for the dress details, the faux leather ensemble features a turtle neckline, full-length sleeves, a midi-length hemline, and a figure-hugging silhouette that accentuates Kapoor’s enviable frame.