Kajol, the Bollywood sweetheart adored by millions, never fails to captivate audiences with her extraordinary talent on the silver screen.

However, her influence extends beyond acting, as she fearlessly expresses her views on social media.

Recently, amidst the buzz surrounding her upcoming web series, The Trial, Kajol shared her thoughts on plastic surgery.

She also went into detail about the type of trolling comments she’s received during her career.

Specifically, her confession about cosmetic work was aimed at aspiring young actresses who are entering the glamorous world of cinema.

During an engaging interview with Zoom, Kajol said:

“God has made you in a particular way, and for what god has not made the way you wanted, there’s always make-up.”

Sitting beside her, The Trial director, Suparn Varma, chimed in saying “or surgery”.

With unwavering conviction, Kajol swiftly shut down Varma’s suggestion and emphasised succumbing to societal pressures and resorting to cosmetic surgery should never be an option.

She said: “No, that’s the whole point”.

The director acknowledged her perspective saying any decision whether it be makeup or surgery, should be an individual choice rather than an act of coercion.

The actress agreed, expressing:

“Exactly, that’s what I mean. That it should be a personal choice, you shouldn’t do it because 25 people have told you to do it.”

In response to the interview, one anonymous comment left on the video read:

“Have you met your own daughter?”

The question arises after speculation that Kajol’s own daughter, Nysa Devgan, has gone under the knife. But there is no concrete evidence to support this claim.

In a candid moment, Kajol revealed her own struggles with her body image.

Despite facing criticisms like “she’s dark,” “she’s fat,” and “she wears specs,” she refused to let them define her.

However, for the longest time, she battled with the belief that she was not conventionally beautiful.

While she acknowledged her intelligence and coolness, she felt lacking in the beauty department.

Meanwhile, Kajol is currently basking in accolades for her remarkable performance in lust 2, a recent Netflix release.