Kangana Ranaut shared a lengthy note on Instagram Stories, claiming that a Bollywood couple had been spying on her.

She claimed that a Bollywood ‘Casanova’ was following her and tried to “force himself on her”.

The outspoken actress went on to say that his wife was aware of her husband’s actions and was encouraging them.

Kangana wrote: “Everywhere I go I am being followed and spied on, not only on the streets even in my building parking and home terrace they put zoom lenses to capture me.

“Everyone knows paparazzi only visit stars if they are tipped, these days they even started to charge to click actors, my team or I am not paying them so who is paying them?

“In the morning I was clicked at 6:30 am, how do they get my schedule? What do they do with these pictures?

“And now as I finished my early morning choreography practice session no one was tipped to come to the studio yet they all turned up in large numbers even on a Sunday.”

Kangana mentioned nepotism, suggesting that the ‘Casanova’ is part of an established Bollywood family.

“I am certain my WhatsApp data is being leaked, professional details or even personal life details.

“This obsessed nepo mafia clown who once landed at my doorstep uninvited and forced himself on me is a known womaniser and Casanova but now vice president of nepo mafia brigade as well, forces his wife to become producer, do more female-centric films, dress like me even make home interiors like me they even hired my stylist and even home stylists of many years who then refused to work with me.