In disappointing news for fans, the release of Emergency has been postponed yet again.

The film is set to feature Kangana Ranaut as Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

She has directed and produced the movie as well via her production company Manikarnika Films.

Emergency was scheduled to be released on June 14, 2024.

However, owing to the Indian Lok Sabha elections around this period, the film has been pushed back again.

Manikarnika Films posted a statement announcing the news on its Instagram profile.

The message read: “Our hearts are filled with love pouring in for our queen Kangana Ranaut.

“As she prioritises her duty to the nation and her commitment to serve the country, the release date of our much awaited film Emergency has been postponed.

“We promise to update you soon with a new release date.

“Thank you for your continued support.”

Kangana Ranaut's 'Emergency' postponed AgainThis turn of events did not go down well with fans, who took to Instagram to voice their disappointment.

One fan wrote: “Continuous postponement can lower the hype of this movie.”

Another added: “This film wrapped one and half year before – it’s still struggling to release.”

A third user hoped: “It’s been too late. Hope she would release it soon. Meanwhile some teasers etc.”

In January 2024, the makers of the film announced that the movie would arrive in June.

Before this, the film was to be released in November 2023.

At the time, Kangana said: “Dear friends, I have an important announcement to make.

Emergency movie is the culmination of my entire life’s learnings and earnings as an artist.

Emergency is not just a film for me. It’s a test of my worth and character as an individual.

“Tremendous response that our teaser and other units got from everyone encouraged us all.

“My heart is full of gratitude and wherever I go, people ask me about Emergency‘s release date.”

“We have announced Emergency release date as November 24, 2023, but because of all the changes in my back-to-back releasing films calendar and over-packed last quarter of 2024, we have decided to shift Emergency to next year (2024).

“New release date will be announced soon – please bear with us.”

“Your anticipation, curiosity and excitement for the film means a lot.”

The film also stars Anupam Kher, Shreyas Talpade, and the late Satish Kaushik.

It will mark Satish’s first and final posthumous film appearance.

It is unknown when Emergency will be released.


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