Days after being accused of copying Hadiqa Kiani’s music, Kanika Kapoor has come forward with her side of the story, claiming that she did not copy any “folk” song.

The Indian singer says it is original.

The ‘Baby Doll’ singer spurred a plagiarism controversy days after Kiani called her out for stealing her song ‘Boohey Barian’.

Hadiqa Kiani had taken to Instagram and said: “Another day and another shameless rendition of the song my mother wrote.

“No one asked for my permission, no one has given me royalties, they just take the song that my mother wrote and I recorded, and use it as an easy money-making scheme.”

In response, Kanika Kapoor told the Hindustan Times, that anyone who pays attention to the song would know that it is an “original”.

Kanika Kapoor said: “From mantras to everything. We have just used the hook line of an old folk song. According to me and the label, it is a folk song.”

Kanika Kapoor even claims that there are many versions of the song available online that she and the label listened to and no one has said anything about them:

“We have not copy-pasted any old folk song. We used two lines as inspiration.

“It is very unfair to the writer Kunwar Juneja and Shruti Rane who composed this new song.