Vogue Arabia’s March 2024 issue, marking its seventh anniversary, shines a spotlight on seven iconic women from across the globe.

Under the theme ‘Beauties of the World’, the edition celebrates women of diverse ethnicities, body types, and ages, all of whom are deeply connected to significant social causes.

The issue underscores the idea that beauty is not merely a physical attribute, but a quality that truly radiates from within.

Among the celebrated women is Bollywood superstar Kareena Kapoor, who shares the limelight with international stars such as Elyanna, Halima Aden, Nadine Nassib Njeim, Monica Bellucci, Winnie Harlow, and Abrar Alothman.

In the cover story, these seven women candidly discuss their personal experiences and challenges with beauty, and how they empower themselves towards self-love.



Kareena Kapoor graces the Cover of Vogue Arabia - 2Kareena Kapoor shares: “I’ve embraced myself through every decade of working – from 18 to my 20s and 40s; from being a size zero to having two children.”

The Bollywood actress added: “Beauty is a positive word with a positive emotion, and we should look at it that way.”

Kareena Kapoor graces the magazine cover in two distinct looks: one in a chic nude outfit and the other in a detailed gown with side slits.

Kareena Kapoor graces the Cover of Vogue Arabia - 1In a third image, she dons a green dress with fringe accents, sporting minimal makeup.

Her presence on the Vogue cover is a testament to her views on redefining beauty.

Also featured is Saudi Arabia’s Abrar Alothman, an author and social media personality who uses her platform to raise awareness about epidermolysis bullosa, a rare genetic skin disease.

Kareena Kapoor graces the Cover of Vogue Arabia - 3Alothman recalls her childhood experiences: “Nobody wanted to sit at the desk next to me.

“They were afraid to shake my hand, or if they did, they would only do it with their fingertips and then immediately wipe their hands.”

Today, the 30-year-old is celebrated online for her candid messages about self-love and resilience.

The Vogue issue also highlights Princess Abeer S bin Farhan Al Saud, a unique Saudi royal who recently embarked on a historic expedition to Antarctica.

From this remote location, she writes to Vogue Arabia’s readers: “The desert pushes us to our limits, just as the ice does.

“Extreme heat and extreme cold test us to see how much we can tolerate and what we will do to survive.

“This journey has changed me, and I say without hesitation: I am happy and all the better for it.”