Kaif got angry with the camerapersons when she met them Friday evening. She was getting out of her car as the paparazzi trained their cameras on her, only to be scolded by the actor

In a paparazzi video shared by Etimes, Katrina cfirst tried to close the door of her car when she saw cameras coming her way. One of the paps asked her to stop and she then asked them to keep their cameras down. When she realised that she is still in the frame of the cameras, Katrina said, “Aap log camera neeche rakho, hum yahan exercise karne aaye hain. (Keep your cameras down, we are here to exercise).”

She even added angrily, “Agar aap aise karenge na…Camera neeche rakhiye aap (If you continue doing this…keep your cameras down),” and stepped out of the car without completing her sentence. She then walked away from the lenses as the paps apologized to her. She was also spotted walking in a nearby park later.