Police have released the mugshot of a woman who left the scene of a crash that killed a 69-year-old pedestrian. Nishaben Mistry googled questions including “do most hit-and-run drivers get caught?” and “can you get away with a hit and run?” following the crash.

She believed that she hit a bush at the time, police have said. But instead, her BMW 1 series had collided with a pedestrian before she left the scene on December 15 2022.

It was later found that Mistry, 37, would have had a second to react to the situation. There was no evidence to support any sort of careless or dangerous driving and no excess speed or distractio

Mat MacDonald of Better Streets for Birmingham at the scene of a hit-and-run in Kings Heath

She drove home after the crash on hayacre lane and googled ‘What happens to hit and run drivers who are later found by their licence plates’, ‘Police hit and run procedure UK’, ‘How long does an arrest take on a hit and run’, ‘Do most hit and run drivers get caught’, ‘Can you get away with a hit and run’ and ‘Do the police usually find the people behind hit and run accidents’.

Following a guilty plea to the charge of failing to stop, she was sentenced at Birmingaham on July 6 to 17 weeks custody, suspended for two years. Mistry, of Butterley Drive, Loughborough, was also ordered to complete, 240 hours unpaid work and 25 Rehabilitation Activity Requirement days and she was disqualified from driving for 12 months.